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No, at the moment there’s only one free plan, which gives you access to all DigitalCrew features. If these features change in the future, you’ll be the first to know!
We always listen to our customers and want to build our application with them in mind. If you have a feature in mind that you think might be useful, join our Discord Server and ask for it. It will be added to the development list if the staff team considers it a good addition.
No, you're allowed to have as many pilots and PIREPs as you like. There are no limits at the moment, so you can take full advantage of DigitalCrew to grow your VA!


Join our Discord Server and open a support ticket. Give us your Infinite Flight Community (IFC) username and we'll reset your password. Please note: we may check to see if you really are the owner of the account.
First of all, please make sure you haven't put a space after your IFC and also check that the box for "Show Username in Flight" (Settings > Online) is ticked in the game settings.
Same solution as above, check that the "Show Username in Flight" box is ticked in the settings. This box must always be checked to ensure that DigitalCrew can be used.